Dedicated Student Shelves

You get one student shelf with your monthly membership, 3 feet wide by 16” deep.  Everything you do must be contained to your shelf (unless they are in other stages of pottery such as “ready to bisque” or “glazed and ready to fire").

I will not give any student more shelf space. Call me names if you must. I’ll understand, LOL. Work to consolidate items onto single pottery bats or into less space. Or better yet. Work to move items through the pottery process so you can take ‘em all home!

If you catch the serious pottery bug and need another shelf, you can rent one for $50/month. Only two students at a time can do this because… Well… I don’t have very many extra shelves.

So long as you are paying for your shelf space, it will be your shelf, even if you can’t come to class for a while. There is a waiting list to get into class, so if you don’t want to lose your shelf, make sure you pay the piper. Everyone has spans they can’t come for a while, and that’s built into the price of membership already.

VERY IMPORTANT: Any student who fails to pay the monthly membership by the first day of the month (subscription fails) will lose their shelf and have seven days to pick up their stuff. Clay, aprons, finished pieces, tools, etc. After that, those things are forfeited. No exceptions.