A Beautiful "Sensual Saturday" Pot with Video Dedicated & Delivered to You

A Beautiful "Sensual Saturday" Pot with Video Dedicated & Delivered to You

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You've seen the "Sensual Saturday" pottery videos. It is definitely a series worth getting lost inside of! 

And now you can have a "Sensual Saturday" pot created just for you. It will be filmed, edited, and dedicated to you.

Check out what you get for your money:

  1. A beautiful finished pot! When the complete pottery journey is done, you'll get your pot. Guaranteed to be well-crafted and arrive all in one piece. Oh, and did I mention that pottery lasts for thousands of years? Your pot will be your pot for life ❤️
  2. I will create a video showing the sensually wonderful process of creating your piece on the pottery wheel. It will be filmed using three different cameras at three different angles and shared with my millions of social media followers!
  3. I will dedicate the pot and video to you (with dedication text overlaid on the video)
  4. You can choose whether you want a bowl, tall vase, skinny neck vase, pot, etc.
  5. You get to choose between light and dark colored clay.
  6. You get to tell me your favorite color or color scheme, and while there are no guarantees, I'll do my best to glaze your pot with outstanding layers and textures using the colors you love. 

More information you're gonna wanna know:

  1. Each pot will start with between 2.5 lbs and 10 lbs of clay (depending on if you choose a bigger pot). Keep in mind this is not the finished weight. Clay shrinks. Water evaporates. The kiln lightens the pot even more. Etc. Ten pounds is a pretty big pot. 2.5 pounds is about the size of a standard stein.
  2. You do not choose the exact shape/form. You can tell me a basic form/shape and then from there I will do what feels right. I like to let the clay speak to me.
  3. Your pot will be fired into "stoneware" which is actually stone when it's done, far stronger than ceramic. This is done at a much higher heat.
  4. The journey of your pot will take at minimum weeks, and it could even take a few months depending on the flow of my studio and other orders. Pottery is a long, involved process, so please be patient!
  5. After your purchase, I will send you an email within 1-2 days requesting all the information I'll need to start the journey of your pot.
  6. If something happens to your pot along the way that makes it undeliverable, I will start completely over, but I will likely not film a second pottery wheel video.
  7. I will not be sending you personal updates about the entire process, so make sure you're following along on one of my platforms to see your video. Of course, I'll let you know when it's all done.
  8. Some pots have small cracks on the bottom of the pot called s-cracks. These do not affect the functionality of your pot. They are rare, but they are possible. Minor s-cracks will be left as part of your pot and are not visible unless you pick up your pot and look at the bottom. Major s-cracks will lead to a complete remake. My pots rarely get any s-cracks.
  9. There are no refunds. I promise you that I will put my entire heart and soul into your pot (and the video) as I create it. Remember, part of the fun is having no idea what you'll end up with.
  10. My standard pottery shipping and packaging rates apply (delivered via UPS).

For time-constraint reasons, I can only offer a limited number of these "Sensual Saturday" pots. First come, first serve! Have an adventure with me, and let's get creating!

NOTE: I do my best to capture the true essence of all my pottery. Please note that every piece will look different depending on its surroundings and lighting, or on different screens.

All purchases are non-refundable. International orders may require duties and taxes, paid for by customer upon delivery. All my pottery is stoneware or porcealin, meaning it was fired at higher temperatures with more premium clay and glazes to make it truly durable. The only exception to this is Raku pottery which is fired at a lower temperature but still very strong. If you are buying any of my pottery as part of a collection or pottery drop, please note that it may take me 1-2 weeks to prepare the entire drop for shipment. Thank you for your patience.

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