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Medium RAKU Decorative Crackled Pot (Pinkish White & Carbon Black)

Medium RAKU Decorative Crackled Pot (Pinkish White & Carbon Black)

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Can you really beat the look and feel of Raku fired pottery? 

If you're not familiar with it, Raku is a process where I heat the pot up to nearly 2000 degrees, remove it while it's still red hot, and then put it into an oxygen reduction chamber full of consumables. This lets it have all sorts of blackening, crackling, and sometimes unpredictable color blasts.

Raku pottery is exciting and chaotic and oh so fun. Since a good number of pots crack in the process (thermal shock), the prices are higher for Raku than normal pots.

Ceramic Artist: Dan Pearce
Size: 5.5" x 6.5"

Each pot I make is created for the person meant to have it, and for nobody else. If a piece of pottery hasn't sold, it simply means the universe is still lining things up ❤️ 

This pottery is part of a huge collection hitting my shop May 4th @ 6PM (MST). VIEW ALL THE POTS HERE

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NOTE: I do my best to capture the true essence of all my pottery. Please note that every piece will look different depending on its surroundings and lighting, or on different screens.

All purchases are non-refundable. International orders may require duties and taxes, paid for by customer upon delivery. All my pottery is stoneware or porcealin, meaning it was fired at higher temperatures with more premium clay and glazes to make it truly durable. The only exception to this is Raku pottery which is fired at a lower temperature but still very strong. If you are buying any of my pottery as part of a collection or pottery drop, please note that it may take me 1-2 weeks to prepare the entire drop for shipment. Thank you for your patience.

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