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Pot #118 of 162 - Raku-Fired Pot

Pot #118 of 162 - Raku-Fired Pot

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Ceramic Artist: Dan Pearce
Pottery Height: 7.75"
Year Created: 2023
Collection: 162 Pots Under $150 Collection


Mix & match an epic collection of your own, or choose a stand-alone pot to add some incredible energy to your favorite space.

As my pottery (in general) has gotten bigger or more complex, many people have been left out of the pottery drops (since the average prices have gone up as well).

Because of that, I really wanted to create one BIG collection that have pots for as low as $65 and no more than $150 so that anyone who has been patiently waiting for one of my pots can finally get one!

I did not rush the making of these pots, nor did I skimp out on materials or effort. These have the same love given to each pot as I give to any of my bigger, fancier pots!


TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT: For ten bucks, I'm happy to mix & match any of the pots you want and take a few professional photos for you so that you can see what they look like together. Simply Venmo $10 to @danoah and be sure to list the numbers of exactly which pots you want me to put together for you (as well as your email address). No tweaks or redos. Price is per grouping. Sorry, Venmo only.

ALSO... Did you know?

Paid members get a huge head start to purchase any new pottery before I announce it to my 2 million+ social media followers. Love this piece? If it's not too late, jump the line! 👉 MORE INFO (starts at just $5.50/mo).

Notes about purchasing items in this collection:

    Stoneware (one of the strongest forms of pottery, literally becomes stone in the process)
    Porcelain (even stronger than stoneware, and costs more due to complexity of and cost of materials)
  2. Size has much less to do with pricing in this collection than difficulty and complexity of creating the piece. I use different firing methods, glaze techniques, raw materials, clay type, stains, etc to get every finished pot, and all factors are applied when figuring out the final price.
  3. I do my best to accurately measure each pot, but it can be difficult to be exact with rounded objects so the measurements may vary slightly.
  4. Any pot labeled as a "seconds" in the product title means that it has one or more small cosmetic shortcomings. This could include "s-cracks" on the bottom (where you won't see it), non-standard scuffs near the base, tiny chips, micro-surface cracks, etc. Every seconds pot is marked down 10-30% from what it normally would sell for.


I live/work in the USA, but you can order this pottery to be delivered just about anywhere in the world.

Please note that it may take me 7-10 days to get your order ready to ship. This is a very big collection and it's going to take me some time to organize it all and make sure everyone's orders are packaged perfectly. Thanks for understanding!

Please also note that shipping and handling is extra. This is pottery and therefore is fragile. It takes some work, high quality materials, and time to properly package your pottery. All rates are factored in with real time pricing plus a materials/handling fee and will vary depending on where you live.

NOTE: I do my best to capture the true essence of all my pottery. Please note that every piece will look different depending on its surroundings and lighting, or on different screens.

All purchases are non-refundable. International orders may require duties and taxes, paid for by customer upon delivery. All my pottery is stoneware or porcealin, meaning it was fired at higher temperatures with more premium clay and glazes to make it truly durable. The only exception to this is Raku pottery which is fired at a lower temperature but still very strong. If you are buying any of my pottery as part of a collection or pottery drop, please note that it may take me 1-2 weeks to prepare the entire drop for shipment. Thank you for your patience.

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